February 21st, 2013

Snarky Candiru2

"She's seeing at me": On the persistence of stupidity

As we know, Lynn seems to see it as a good thing that Michael and Deanna faithfully recreated the same environment that Michael, Elizabeth and April are familiar with when they took over the Pattermanse. As I have said so many times before, her idea of a good father begins and ends with his being a dollar sign. It doesn't matter to her that Michael is much like John in that both men are high-strung, emotionally distant imbeciles who hate having to interact with the small, demi-human creatures that insist on living in his house without doing anything to justify their existences; they make a beautiful dollar so they're better fathers than poorer patriarchs who are part of their children's lives. It also doesn't matter that Deanna shares Elly's belief that children must not do things lest chaos befall and they have more on their plates owing to the fact that the point of the whole strip was to teach Elly that her belief that she was ruining Mike and Liz's lives by being harsh for the sake of not losing face was erroneous. Since Deanna has never had the self-awareness to realize that she's a horrible parent dropping the hammer on what could have been good kids because she's too fragile to deal with surprises, she's innately a better mother than Elly.

The question that that raises is what the end result of their being clones of the failed experiments that are John and Elly is. The clue to this is the sequence from which I derived the title to this essay. You see, a few years ago, Meredith was giving Robin the Penetrating Death Glare because she was forced to share something with Stinky Baby Brother despite her never having been consulted on the size of the family. This suggests that neither parent has any problem with stupidly pitting the children against one another to keep them from teaming up and somehow or other overthrowing their parents. This would be bad enough in and of itself were it not for both parents having severe problems with the very idea of girls having any sort of strong opinions. Mike's belief that Elly's opinion means his doom and Deanna's dread of Mira's free will mean that most of their mental capital will be spent suppressing Meredith's freedom of expression so as to save themselves from her tyranny.

Hmmmm. This seems like the excuse Jim and Marian gave when they kept Elly on a tight leash while letting Phil run hog-freaking-wild. Mind you, the current failures will probably pay lip service to modernity by saying that while both of their children are equal, it's just that Robin is more equal, the result will be the same: Meredith Patterson will spend her life jabbing her finger in the air like a lunatic while convinced that her husband and children are trying to keep her chained to the kitchen. Eventually, she'll yell that she quits motherhood because her daughter politely says "Not yet" when a craven "Yes, mother" is expected.