March 18th, 2013

Snarky Candiru2

Darryl, Janice and what became of them.....

As you will no doubt remember, Lynn seems to have taken to heart Schulz's suggestion that she had too many characters in her strip. While it is fairly nice that she valued the man's opinion, it really doesn't seem to me that such advice is applicable owing to the fact that Peanuts and For Better or For Worse have only the basic setting of "English-Speaking North America" in common. Elly, you see, does not live in Charlie Brown's eternal present day in which adults exist off-camera. She lives in a more realistic world wherein people don't simply disappear because their creator is bored with them.

That being said, it seems to me that the first instance in which she applied thus dubiously-applicable policy is when Lynn moved the family to the North Bay area. This is because she seems to have dropped what were probably characters based on Aaron's contemporaries in favour of A Band Of Tokens. We thus are about to say good-bye to Janice Madigan and Darryl Smythe because of a very silly reason.

As I explained ages ago, Janice Madigan was at the very least given a back-story. As we see in her Liography, she's an army brat who spent a couple of years in Milborough before leaving to her dad's next posting. Since Lynn forgot that she made her into a girly-girl after her initial appearance, her being a UN peacekeeper seems to fit with the little girl charging at dragons. Ah, well. At least she has a personality and a Liography. Given that he isn't part of the 'friends' section on Mike's bio, Darryl Smythe appears to be about to vanish from the face of the Earth this October. After he and the gang complain about Elly getting a bug up her drawers because Mike wants to look like a member of the Kiss Army for Halloween, he's never seen again.

Hmmm...Perhaps he's Martha's first husband....or her second. I guess we'll never know because Lynn seems to have forgotten she created him. It must be strange to live in the Foob's world; it's like the Silents got to the kid and we're all supposed to forget him after November.