June 15th, 2013

Snarky Candiru2

Toppling into rivers and what it has to do with the Nichols Embargo.

Now as I said yesterday, Connie does not want Elly to be too close to Anne Nichols for fear that Elly will realize that she has more in common with the fatter know-nothing know-it-all than she has with her. Since that would lead to Connie no longer being Elly's bestest best friend, she had to find some way to convince Flapandhonk that Anne was the wrong sort and she did it by playing to her prejudices and fears. Of course, she had an advantage in that Elly is dumber than a bag of hammers. This stupidity of hers tends to make her life worse because it's accompanied by raging paranoia. As by way of example, let's talk about the time when Mrs Walsh tried sugar-coating the statement "I'd like to pay you for your column but I just don't have the money." Elly was too blasted dumb to understand this and move forward with her life. Time and again, Elly makes things worse because she's too dim to know what's happening around her and substitutes the concept "Whatever the kids are doing, it has to be a bad thing aimed at ruining my life!!" for actual awareness.

Of course, being an imbecile propelled by the belief that everyone wants to destroy her because they hate her is not the only thing Connie can exploit. Elly's love for stupid solutions also comes into play. As by way of example, let's remind ourselves of what happened when Elly finally figured out how April was able to defeat the latch to that back gate. Simply put, Tweedle-Dee The Wonder Dummy forgot that April was three and didn't tell her "Ask Mommy or Daddy or Mommy's Friend Girl Skeletor if you can leave the yard." Anyone with two clues to rub together would see that that would be a problem.

Sadly, Elly hasn't got two clues and can't see warning signs that are glaringly obvious. She can be told time and again that there's something that she needs to pay attention to but since she's a lazy woman and since that would get in the way of doing what she wants to do, simply blows off said unfair advice until it's too damned late. Worse still, she doesn't see the obvious when it's staring her in the face and when the worse happens, comes to a ridiculous conclusion.

This tells me that it was easy peasy for Connie to allude to the fact that Annie just plain forgave Steve because Elly's stupid enough to believe it, paranoid enough for that to fit her preconceptions that everyone is trying to keep women down, lazy enough not to check and crazy enough to draw an irrational conclusion from the unvarnished truth. All she needed to do was made an imbecile think that she's smart.