June 21st, 2013

Snarky Candiru2

Elly Patterson: Library Mascot.

Elly's not really understanding what is going on around her, why it happens and what the people involved really think not only affected her life when she started working at the library; it also affected how she reacted to being downsized. We know that Monique and Susan didn't like that they were given no choice but to let her go because they knew how much she had invested in her job. This is because the librarians regard Elly as a sort of pet whom they have to throw a bone because she hasn't got much else going for her. Nineteen years after the fact, the two of them still feel awful at having to disappoint this eager, desperate housewife who's so happy to be needed. Not, of course, that Elly understands this in the least. This is a woman who still doesn't understand that Mrs Walsh couldn't actually pay her anything so trying to get her to understand that it wasn't personal just isn't going to fly. All she knew is that for some reason, the people at the library said "So long and don't let the doorknob hit you on the arse on your way out, HOUSEWIFE!!"

This is another occasion in which Elly's stupidity, oblviousness and paranoia made her life worse. As Connie tried to explain to her, she probably should have seen the cuts coming because that was the way things were trending. This was a very foolish thing to do because Elly simply cannot see what's in front of her nor can she anticipate things. What Elly took away from all of this is that she was fired from a job she needed without any warning whatsoever despite it being somewhat clear that the Harris Tories were making people do more with less everywhere else. Since the "phonies" at the library didn't warn her of the bleeding obvious and since they didn't do enough to make sure that she had her little job, Elly never bothered going to the library again because that's where bad people who pretend to like her laugh at her suffering. It would be instructive to see what would happen if she were to encounter Susan in the here and now. My guess is that just as stupid Elly stupidly told Annie that the reason that she shunned her like a leper is that she was stupid and useless enough to think that Annie forgave Steve, stupid Elly would finally get it through her thick skull that Sue and Monique would have gladly recommended her to Mrs Petrucci because they know how much she hates being a wife and mother.