July 5th, 2013

Snarky Candiru2

Offsprings and offices don't mix.

As we saw yesterday, the very last thing that Elly wanted to do was to have Michael go to the library when she was running late. The strip I linked to was clearly predicated on the idea that Michael simply didn't respect the fact that Elly wanted to be more than his mother and thought the idea that she wanted a life that wasn't catering on him hand and foot to be as ridiculous as her wanting to look attractive. Watching Michael act like a selfish jerk who hates and fears the idea that Elly could make something of herself because it means that HE has to give instead simply taking and TAKING and TAKING seems to have set the tone for why Elly doesn't like to have her children be a part of her working life.

This need to pander to the sort of working mother who sees her children as fulfillment-eating monsters who want to chain Mommy to the kitchen and thus wish to embarrass her in front of her co-workers and ruin her professional image is why she had Lizzie photocopy her face so that she'll get fired and admit that they are her masters instead of showing her gratitude that Elly feeds her by sitting until the evil need to move around went away forever. The reason she did that is because children love chaos and totally don't understand that they're supposed to read Elly's mind. It's not that Liz is a bored child who did something silly without intending real harm. It's that Liz is a jerk who wants to make Elly look bad and thus force her to lose the only thing that gives her life meaning.

Lynn plods merrily on telling us that Elly's monster children hate the idea of her having an identity that isn't based on serving them with the special "A Storm In April". As I explained before, that badly-animated mess was all about how April fooled all of us by refusing to understand that when Elly plops her down, she's supposed to stay there. Moving around, being curious and wanting to explore the world around her is not something children just do, it's something children do to embarrass and humiliate the mothers that they hate.

Not even John is immune from this because his evil children make prank calls and try to turn his supplies into toys and just generally try to turn the world into a playground instead of being good children and ignoring the EVIL, CHAOTIC impulse to move around, speak and be curious about the world around them. Aside from the rule-proving exception wherein April was put to work to keep her from scary information and scarier talking to people Elly might not approve of, the idea is that children must never, EVER intrude on their parents when they're at work because they want to make every day kids' day.

If I didn't know that Lynn is a prickly idiot who can't handle interruptions at all well, a vain idiot who takes herself too bloody seriously and a testy idiot who didn't like to be around children if she could help it, strips like the ones I linked to would definitely lead me to that conclusion.