September 17th, 2013

Snarky Candiru2

On faking concern for other people......

The interesting thing about Phil's quitting smoking is that it takes place at the same time Georgia plans her own personal Settlepocalypse. Since neither she nor Elly seem to notice Phil is undergoing the torments of the damned because he can't be sure that he isn't going to make a horrific mistake, it baffles the Hell out of the both of them that their inability to notice that he doesn't share their blind enthusiasm for the ceremony that scares the crap out of the man has got him smoking again. Rather than admit that perhaps they should actually talk to him and reassure him that no, he isn't going to make the worst mistake of his life, what they do is lecture him about how they want him to stick around long enough to enjoy life. The odd thing is that Georgia actually seems to mean it.

The reason that I say this is that not only is the only reason Elly wants Phil to get married is that she actually does hope that he lives a long, miserable life from which he can not escape because he won thir childhood, she's just plain incapable of empathy as a general rule. We're dealing with a woman who, when contemplating the concept of smokers burning their fingers up, laughed herself sick in vindictive glee because they 'deserve' it for doing something she does not approve of so it stands to reason that when she wants Phil's life to be a long one, she wants to have his life be a torment that can never end so as to better punish him for daring to be happy when she cannot be.