November 11th, 2013

Snarky Candiru2

Fantasy bubbles and their discontents.....

As we know, we're about to launch into the post-Lynn Lake series of strips. The interesting thing about that little fact is that when most people talk about how good "For Better Or For Worse" used to be, they are talking about the era between now and, say, sixteen years from now when she started to use the thing to nag her family about how she wished their lives had taken directions she could approve of.

The other interesting thing is that between her using her great big career as a means of bludgeoning those around her into submitting to her every vain, insane, self-serving and petty demand and her realization that her 'perfect' family was going off the rails, she was pretty much a non-factor in her family's life. The reason, of course, is her foolish belief in communing with the muses so that isolation might give her the ideas she simply could not formulate were she to be engaged in her family's daily existence.

This leaves us with a rather unsettling conclusion. Simply put, the more isolated Lynn is from her family, the better her strip is. If she has to become part of things, her pettiness, her paranoia, her self-pity, her willful ignorance of the world, her denial of any facts that require her to change her mind about things and her refusal to see things from any perspective that is not her own always taint the proceedings with an untoward level of childish malice.