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Meet Young Elly, same as Old Elly.

As you know, the Elly of the new-runs has ever-so-gradually turned into the Elly we saw in the Declining Years of the strip. She hasn't got her hair up in the ugly Elly-bun quite yet but gone are the double eye-brows, dot eyes and small nose. Instead of the woman who bawled her eyes out because John mentioned insurance, she looks like the Elly that said she couldn't be a mother at forty. This is, of course, because Lynn made a promise she couldn't have kept even though she seemed to have wanted to: she promised that she'd go back to her original style of artwork. You will recall, of course, all the posts that pointed out that she'd instead copied said style ineptly. Since Lynn cannot really turn back the clock, we find ourselves looking at what looking like an Elly in her late thirties making the triangle of horror at two duplicates of Crown Prince Poopie Pants; the taller one is supposed to be Mike and the smaller one wearing the blond wig is meant to be Lizzie. The only person who isn't affected too much by the reversion to the more modern style is John. The only real change in his appearance over the years is that he lost the poofy sideburns he started out with. Since Lynn needed to get rid of them anyway to fail at being timeless, it's not a big concern.
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