January 4th, 2014

Snarky Candiru2

The honestly syndrome.....

Having reviewed yesterday's entry, it occurs to me that I blanked out on something that I talked about earlier: Elly's failure to believe that things can go wrong and not be part of a huge conspiracy to destroy her and make her life worse. This is because I lost sight of the word that always accompanies her face of martyred rage and insane, stupid accusations: "honestly."

In my defense, watching her harrumph "HONESTLY!!! I don't have enough blah-blah-blah without YOU yack-yack-yack!!!" is so commonplace that it's become almost invisble. That being said, though, the need to use the word tells us that Elly cannot allow herself to possibly believe that her kids ain't out to get her lest she look in the mirror and see that she's the problem.