January 13th, 2014

Snarky Candiru2

On not really handling it.

As we know, the strip that was re-issued on 25 December 2013 was a rather alarming one owing to the fact that idiot Michael pointed a toy gun at Elly. This is because anyone with two clues to rub together would be terrified out of his or her mind by the concept of pointing even a toy gun at people. I think that we can all agree that one thing that the average person needs to learn is the basic principle of firearms safety that isn't "Always assume that there's a round chambered": "Never point a weapon of any sort at something or someone that you are not willing to see destroyed." This means that a sane, responsible parent should at some point explain that guns are not toys and that saying it's all just pretend is a foolish, dangerous habit. Sadly, this is not how Elly does things. Elly's idea of 'responsible' parenting is to simper "I DON'T LIKE (Insert phenomenon here)!!!" and assume "HUM!!!! I've told that offspring that I don't like this thing; therefore, he will stop doing it."

This betrays something that I've always thought inherent to Elly's character: a need to live in The World As She'd Like It To Be instead of The World As It Actually Is. She can run her mouth about how unjust it is that she has to endure the evils of living in the world that actually exists all she wants but she cannot escape the consequences of not actually living in the subjunctive tense any more than anyone else can. All she can do is whine futilely about how unfair her lot is when it's not really all that unfair at all.