January 14th, 2014

Snarky Candiru2

"Offer me alternatives, offer me solutions and! I! DECLINE!!!!!"

As we know, part of the debate stirred up by last Sunday's strip is that most of us realized that Elly never really thought too far beyond simply saying no to the children watching television. As I said yesterday, her thought processes begin and end with banning things without regard to the consequences and without troubling herself with offering alternatives to an undesired behavior. Just as Deanna will do after her, the Elly we're seeing right now just doesn't have it in her to realize that you cannot simply tell a child to do a vaguely defined something else no matter how smugly she mommy-jacks. She also doesn't have it in her to realize that she has to be more than a loud, angry voice that says no to things and then walks away. Then again, we are dealing with a very stupid and short-sighted woman who thinks that talking to children and being interested in their lives is a humiliating defeat that will eventually destroy her ability to be a part of human (i.e. 'adult') society. She might have a great big shelf full of books that she could read to them but she can't be asked to do so because that would mean that she loses.