January 19th, 2014

Snarky Candiru2

On the difference between talking and communicating.

The trumpet practice arc shows us Elly dealing with a problem that she has with her children. Said problem relates to the fact that while she fears for their future, has great big hopes for them and is loaded with doubt as to whatever course of action she's embarked upon is right in the first place, she has to contend with the realization that Michael, Elizabeth and April see her as an unreasonable, inflexible old nag who has to be right all the time because she only had children in the first place so she could have people to tyrannize out of the malice that's the only thing she can feel.

The problem is one I've mentioned before. You see, while Elly talks non-stop, she never actually manages to say anything of great or lasting importance out of fear of how the other party will react to how she really feels. One of the scenes in the opening to the television series highlights what seems to be Lynn's worldview. We start with Mike saying something to Elly that she doesn't feel like hearing, she explodes in a blind rage and he looks like he got hit by a two-by-four; the implication is that he deserves to be screeched at by a thin-skinned old bully who hates having her narrow-minded preconceptions questioned because her need to be a stubborn old fool is more important than her actually being in the right. This is because she will not ever admit to being terrified and confused lest she appear weak. We see this come into play whenever anyone proposes riding a motorcycle and getting into an accident and leaving her to throw away her whoooooooooooooole life taking care of a drooling vegetable and never EVER having her haaaaaaaaaaaaaaard work acknowledged by ANYONE. In the here and now, Mike's actually wanting to be reassured that he isn't expected to have his ability to enjoy the process of living surgically removed because his parents hate him and like seeing him suffer will lead inevitably to his dying in a gutter.

Hmmmm. In retrospect, it might actually be that the reason Elly doesn't actually want to talk is that she doesn't want to realize how stupid she sounds.