January 27th, 2014

Snarky Candiru2

On not realizing why no one else's feelings matter.

As we know, the Pattersons of the Middle Years had a very difficult time understanding why Michael behaved as if what they saw as a warm, loving and supportive home as a prison he had to escape from and why he saw their due diligence in making sure that he grew up to become a solid citizen as a form of torture imposed on him by sadists who hate him. This is because they tend not to remember one key fact: he can remember things from the past and draw logical inferences therefrom. As by way of example, he tends to remember that when he poured his heart out about something that meant the whole wide world to him, he was usually met with either a sarcastic quip, an angry lecture about ingratitude and arrogance or an appeal to worse problems. At no point was it suggested that he be told that his parents also felt as if things that seem like nothing in the here and now were world-ending problems when they were his age. The logical inference he got from all of this is that his feelings mean zilch; if this is the case, he saw no real need to act as if other people's feelings mattered either.