January 28th, 2014

Snarky Candiru2

How not to teach children to manage time.

The problem with lambasting the Pattersons is that despite being primarily motivated by jealousy of the carefree, easy life that their children don't have living under the oppressive rule of paranoid dingdongs who can't admit that simple mistakes aren't actually deliberate acts of malice visited on them by children who hate them lest they look in the mirror and see thin-skinned dolts who waste their lives being pointlessly upset is that the speeches they parrot have a certain amount of merit. As a for instance, the Mike of 2014 is, as they said he would be, judged not by what he intends to be but by what he actually is. What he is is a fool who gave up a great job in the city because he simply couldn't keep the balls in the air like he should have. Personally, I blame the delinquent parents who mouth platitudes and expect that to be it. As I said yesterday, Mike knows damned well that when he feels alone because he's surrounded by adults who have it sooooooo easy and just don't care about how lost and confused and inadequate he feels, said adults respond to his pouring his heart out about how tormented he feels by yapping about drama so he can't come to them for help. Since he spent his childhood running into various polyester-clad brick walls bellowing about how ungrateful he was when he needed help, he wound up doing the same stupid damned thing Elly did when she was backed into a corner. As it was with her, he too put things off till the last minute and scrambled to get things done. The end result is a man who never really learned to budget time especially well.