February 3rd, 2014

Snarky Candiru2

Does Michael have dyscalculia?

As you may or may not know, we're about a year or so away from Mike bleating about the unfairness of being tested on subjects that he knows nothing about. This is because the idea that they're sending him to school to learn things that he doesn't know is as alien a concept as the mathematics he never really managed to understand. It would seem that our hero's antipathy towards what he sees as the malicious act of tormenting him with the evil numbers that baffle and annoy him is that he's being tricked into publicly humiliating himself by admitting ignorance. The problem is that he might actually be suffering from a hereditary disorder called 'dyscalculia'; much as dyslexia hampers the sufferer's ability to handle language, dyscalculia gets in the way of the person's ability to do math. When you look at the list of symptoms:

  • Difficulty reading analog clocks.

  • Difficulty stating which of two numbers is larger.

  • Inability to comprehend financial planning or budgeting, sometimes even at a basic level; for example, estimating the cost of the items in a shopping basket or balancing a checkbook.

  • Difficulty with multiplication-tables, and subtraction-tables, addition tables, division tables, mental arithmetic, etc.

  • Difficulty with conceptualizing time and judging the passing of time. May be chronically late or early.

  • Problems with differentiating between left and right.

  • Inability to visualize mentally.

  • Difficulty reading musical notation.

  • Difficulty navigating or mentally "turning" the map to face the current direction rather than the common North=Top usage.

  • Having particular difficulty mentally estimating the measurement of an object or distance.

  • Often unable to grasp and remember mathematical concepts, rules, formulae, and sequences.

  • Inability to concentrate on mentally intensive tasks.

  • Low latent inhibition, i.e. over-sensitivity to noise, smell, light and the inability to tune out, filtering unwanted information or impressions.

  • Might have a well-developed sense of imagination due to this (possibly as cognitive compensation to mathematical–numeric deficits).

  • Mistaken recollection of names. Poor name/face retrieval. May substitute names beginning with same letter.

some of them sound damned familiar. They also sound like problems Elly and Lynn have. As by way of example, none of the three seem to be able to ignore distractions and always end up yelling for someone to take said intolerable noise-producers away. Also, Lynn has gone on record as stating that musical and mathematical symbols seem to have been designed for the sole purpose of confusing her, angering her and exposing her to public humiliation.
Snarky Candiru2

Emotional vertigo.

Premise: Most of the Pattersons have a sort of protective stupidity that blinds them to problems that they don't think that they can face. This leads to problems.