March 15th, 2014

Snarky Candiru2

The family that refuses to feel together stays together.

As josephusrex has pointed out, Lynn seems to have done something accidentally great in that she's faithfully told the story of a family of people who just don't seem to have any sort of feelings. The example that comes readiest to mind is what we've entitled the Fauxposal. What is readily obvious is that Liz has no strong feelings for this man that don't involve finally pleasing her idiot parents but assumes that she's supposed to be demonstrative because that's how it's supposed to go. The strange thing that accompanies this total lack of affect when confronting sweeping changes is that like most of the characters, Lizardbreath has a God-damned meltdown when encountering something trivial that no sane person should worry about. As I've said before, this is owing to the fact that they bottle up their emotions when faced with big, scary questions so much that when a minor annoyance gets in the way, the confusion and anger that they deny themselves erupts all over an innocent. The odd thing is that when confronted with how cold-blooded they are, they join their creator in simpering that a public display of strong emotions is bad form while also believing that strong emotions are scary and bad because they reveal too much. As I'll prove, what the Pattersons want to keep hidden is somewhat discreditable.