April 1st, 2014

Snarky Candiru2

On the moving of the goalposts......

Of course, the annoying thing about this arc is that we're about to launch into yet another irritating example of Lynn using the strip as a means to nag her family about how they're displeasing her. The victim that's up next is, of course, her son Aaron and the crime he's been tried and convicted of is not being sufficiently grateful to Lynn for providing for him. We start things off with Mike barging into the library despite having been told that he is NOT ALLOWED to INVADE her place of employment, follow that by his not being willing to help with the chores, continue on with not being willing to spend money on the mother who does soooooooooo much for him because it'll only occur to him that she worked hard to make his life better twenty years after she dies and ends with his not wanting to do the right thing because the opinion of scruffy little boys is more important that the actual human being called MAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!

While it is true that Lynn can pay lip-service to the idea that money isn't everything, the real problem Aaron seemed to me to have had was that nothing he could possibly have got Lynn could satisfy her. Just as that poor waitress in the Jan Wong interview tried her best only to get abused because Lynn kept moving the goalposts of acceptable treatment, it looks to me as if he and Katie were the victim of her pious inability to be satisfied with what they did for her.
Snarky Candiru2

On why parents must rule.

The interesting thing about watching For Better Or For Worse is that there are always new things to learn about why the Pattersons do the very stupid things that they do. As by way of example, we have to deal with the fact that Connie is still pissing and moaning about how Lawrence "decided" to be gay in order to keep her from being an insane petty tyrant mother of the whatever a wedding, the fact that Annie is regarded as an incompetent failure for indulging her children and above all, about how John and Elly are peevish idiots who think that they have to control every aspect of their adult children's lives for them.

As jschillig tells us, the guiding principle behind this is the unswerving belief that whatever a child might want must always be the very worst for him. Never in the strip's history is there the least hint that Alleged Parents John and Elly trust their children to make the right choices in life because the shibboleth that guides them is the belief that children always and ever make the worst possible choice. We are thus implored to sympathize with two poor, misunderstood parents who don't mean to be so judgmental but are forced to by ungrateful kids who can never be expected to do the right thing, wear the right clothes, want the right career, listen to the right music, eat the right food and marry the right person.

The reason that this is not only irritating and exceedingly arrogant of them is that History teaches us that what Brokaw calls the Greatest Generation celebrated their victory over Hitler by vomiting forth the stupidest generation of craven, greedy, soft, weak and entitled goose-steppers to have ever blighted an unhappy world. John has the sparkling intellect of roadkill, Elly's brain is simply two neurons held together with duct tape and between them, they've made any number of catastrophically stupid mistakes based on an ignorance so profound, it's dialing down the collective IQ of humankind to the single digits but yet those two morons think that they know better than their children how they should live their lives.