April 4th, 2014

Snarky Candiru2

On Elly's worn-off taste buds: a proposal restated.

As we saw the other day, John was being used as a mouthpiece for Lynn's on-going refusal to understand why her children don't like certain foods when she prepares them. As the Lynnsight for the strip for 2 April 1982

For me, making meals was one of the most challenging jobs on earth. A repast must be colourful and attractive enough to provoke interest, flavourful and aromatic enough to invite ingestion and healthy enough to support life. The local grocery stores (we had two) supplied fresh meat, but fresh veggies were another matter. I remember fighting over a wrinkled green pepper in Perepeluk's just so we could experience the taste!

Aaron was not a fan of mushrooms, but if I could lay my hands on a fresh pack of mushies, by jove we were gonna eat them - and I wasn't making a fungus-free meal for HIM! He had, however, a tongue that could locate and isolate a mushroom in any mix and he'd ring his plate with rejects faster than a dog spits out pills!

Today, of course, his palate has matured. He is an omnivore who, living in Vancouver, enjoys the best of vegetarian cuisine. I've watched him eat mushrooms many times... and it surprises me still that he does so - on purpose!

attests, she seems to see Aaron's loving mushrooms in the here-and-now when he should have acknowledged the effort she put in and all the love in her great big heart by eating them as a child as a personal affront and a baffling bit of hypocrisy.

The reason for this is that my gut tells me that when Lynn gets around to writing the notes for THIS strip, she'll tell us that this is something Aaron actually said. Granted, the underlying premise is that we once again have to watch poor Elly clean up after the children who won't eat perfectly good food for a silly reason that can't matter because Marian didn't care what food tasted like either but it seems to me that Aaron and Mike are on to something. As I've said before, I don't think that either Elly or Lynn actually know what food really tastes like because I think that at some point, they lost their sense of smell. She might think that she knows what food tastes like but she really doesn't so neither Elly nor John could tell the difference between the most delicious food on Earth and a plate of wood shavings. Since their children have a normal sense of taste, Mike, Liz and April wound up getting into endless trouble dealing with a mother who can't tell the difference between Whizzo butter and a dead crab.