April 6th, 2014

Snarky Candiru2

On the art of doing as little as possible.

Of course, there's a good reason that Elly realizes that she shouldn't perhaps travel without a male escort that isn't making sure that she has an eye on what's making John's eyes (and other body parts) bulge out with an audible BOOOOOOOIIIIIINNNNGGGG. Since this is Elly we're talking about, controlling the children's behaviour is Priority One. I ain't talking about keeping them from learning about icky, scary dangerous sex and the icky, scary, dangerous lying feeling of release that tells the icky, scary, dangerous and evil lie that most of the stuff that gives her the screaming habdabs is ridiculous nonsense that she should be ashamed of for wasting her and other people's lives by believing it. What I'm talking about is that she wants to make sure that when she gets home, they don't leave the place a pigsty for her to clean up because that's her job and not theirs.

The reason for this comes from this arc wherein Mike, Liz and John decide that the three of them are super-wonderful people who went beyond the impossible by doing the minimum possible to qualify as members of the human race and picked up after themselves so as to allow Elly some time to herself for a little while. Always and ever, we see the other Pattersons behave as if they have a rampaging case of what my late mother called nub-itis when she was talking about the crap in my room. Always and ever, she'd talk about how when there was food to be glommed onto, I had hands and fingers but when it came time to pick stuff up, they'd shrivel up to a nub right up to my shoulder-blades. I grew out of that because I had to. The Pattersons think that Elly will always be racing around to pick up after them so will probably die in a pile of their own filth after she dies.