April 8th, 2014

Snarky Candiru2

On the tyranny of the stupid.

As I said the other day, I believe that owing to innate flaws in their character, Jim's generation allowed themselves to leave a horrible legacy behind them: a generation of soft, weak, smug and fatuously arrogant dimwits who expect to be taken care of like infants as well as expecting not to be questioned ever. In Elly's case, this fear of being questioned seems to stem from a horrible fear that she maybe should be questioned. The idea that she doesn't really have the answers floats at the back of her brain like a floating thing and trying to keep her kids from realizing that she's as confused and lost as they are is messing her the Hell up. This, I should think, comes from her having a mother who never let her win an argument if she could at all avoid it so that her own credibility might be preserved at the expense of everyone else on the planet.

In John's case, we have to contend with the fact that I've touched on before: he's a momma's boy who was never seriously corrected and always allowed to get away with being a rat bastard idiot because boys will be boys. Aside from the torment of school and the horrible habit his horrible teachers had of asking him why he thought what he thought when everyone supposedly knew what was what, John was never allowed to lose an argument or be challenged by anyone 'weaker' than he was. Letting someone stupid enough to think that he wasn't supposed to lose arguments loose on the public and expecting him not to act like the sort of douchenozzle who loses his shit and spanks the holy Hell out of a son for daring to call his blustering, self-serving non-thought into question is akin to putting cream and sugar into what comes out of a blast furnace and calling it ice cream. Even unto the latest days of the strip, John blows his stack and threatens violence to people who dare challenge an order whose eternity only exists in the lump of iron ice cream that he laughingly calls a brain. Of course, if you really want to piss him off, point him at something blindingly obvious that he refuses to see and ask him why he's too dumb to notice it. Failing to notice what's right in front of him and getting angry when reality collides with what everyone knows is why I refer to him as a personification of the manic phase of being a boomer moron.
Snarky Candiru2

On being Thanksgiving every day.

It was just yesterday or so when the debate turned around to wondering why the Hell Elly and Lynn felt guilt about not visiting distant relatives. The consensus seemed to be that they live in a world where they think that they have to despite that being counterproductive, silly and wrong. That being said, the Pattersons aren't the only family in the four-panel universe who needlessly complicate their lives in the pursuit of a phantasm involving their relatives. When Francesco Marciuliano took over writing the comic strip Sally Forth, he asked himself "What would make a woman like Sally the perfectionist she is?" The answer he came up with is "Someone who grew up to be overly responsible because her mother is a high-functioning alcoholic with an aversion to being blamed for the chaos her selfishness creates and a smug, selfish refusal to see anything anyone else does (especially if that someone is Sally) as being good enough." Having thus turned Sally into Sidalee to Laura's Vivi, he proceeded to warp the annual Thanksgiving dinner into a hellish nightmare in which Sally stupidly and uselessly goes into a frenzy in a doomed and futile attempt to elicit praise from someone who doesn't have it in her.

The reason that I mention this is that it makes a lot of God-damned sense to assume that Elly herself is also a high-functioning alcoholic who sees the world through a layer of negativity in which she's beset by fools trying to crush her. She also has an aversion towards admitting blame and, since nothing can ever be good enough, a blind refusal to praise her children. Since every day is like Thanksgiving at Casa Forth, it thus seems to me that Lynn doesn't really need to make a Thanksgiving strip because every day is Turkey Day at the Pattermanse.