April 10th, 2014

Snarky Candiru2

On handing children the conflict ball.

As we know, Mike and Lizzie seemed to spend most of the Middle and Later Years locked in a desperate struggle for the dubious honor of being their worthless parents' favoured child. When Mike and Liz weren't actively trying to demolish one another, the Delicate Genius spent a crap load of time throwing his weight around like the bullying, hateful mental pigmy he got warped into being as well as deliberately feeding into Lizzie's fear of being inadequate. While John and Connie inform Elly that children simply fight like maniacs over meaningless and silly things because it's inherent in the system, fairest1 sees the real cause of the problem: Elly's being a lazy, oblivious and negligent parent who thinks that offering her children the least bit of praise, encouragement and sympathy will instantly turn them into spoiled, entitled monsters. Since there isn't any achievement they can achieve that can elicit sincere praise from a soul who can't allow things to be good enough because of her active hatred of contentment and ease, they have to follow the path of least resistance to get her to pull her head out of her big, fat, stupid arse and pay attention to them. That path of least resistance is beating the crap out of one another and bickering like idiots. Since accepting blame for the chaos she creates by being the hateful, selfish and stupid woman that she is something that a bloodthirsty boomer bull-twerp like Elly simply cannot do, television is held out as a fall guy upon which she can plead the question.