April 12th, 2014

Snarky Candiru2

What things can and can't do and why Elly doesn't get this.

Something odd happened the other day. That very odd thing is that someone pointed out that Elly has the very odd habit of putting food in her freezer and expecting to take it out years later and have it be as good as the day she'd put it in. Trying to explain what freezer burn is or that a mere freezer simply slows down decay just doesn't work because she doesn't seem to want to understand that she's discovered a far more expensive and comprehensive way of wasting food than merely tossing it out. It's one thing to scrape potentially edible leftovers in the trash because no one likes them; it's quite another to spend years of time and hundreds of dollars freezing food past the point of edibility.

The problem is, as I said, that Elly seems to not understand how the things around her work. Just as she doesn't understand how e-mail functions or how a freezer isn't a magic box she can put food into for decades at a time and have it still be edible and tasty, she doesn't seem to understand how any of the mechanical contrivances she surrounds herself with really work and what their real limitations are. When confronted with the consequences of her own inability to comprehend machines, she blames the devices for her own lack of aptitude, intellect and foresight. This means is that if she actually does try cooking some of that stuff that's been in the freezer since the nineties and, as anyone could tell her, it's an indigestible mess so horrible even her worn-off taste-buds know it, she'll blame the freezer for not freezing it permanently like it's supposed to.