April 16th, 2014

Snarky Candiru2

On the need to be needed and Elly's travel plans.

It occurs to me that for all my talk about how it's te family that wants to chain Elly to the house, it's a damned sight more likely that despite her wistfulness about it all, she deliberately passed up any sort of future opportunities to travel by herself for a very telling reason: her fear that the family can actually cope without her. On a level that her conscious mind can't and won't acknowledge, Elly knows damned well that they can discover that it's perfectly fine to not have the foreboding presence of a dodo ranting about how hard her minimum cinch life is and how no one appreciates the sacrifices she won't God-damned shut up about looming over them like a black cloud of misery. They can also discover how oppressive life ceases to be when they don't have to risk being screamed at for trivial reasons, how much more pleasant dinner is if they aren't forced to wait hours to eat stodgy, indigestible food and especially how easy it is to maintain the house to any reasonable standard when not being hectored about how bad they are for not following the inefficient methods Elly thinks that she learned from her mother.

Since Elly doesn't want to admit that given a chance, John and the kids could manage perfectly well (if not better) by themselves and would probably see their occasional time without her as a fun change even if they miss her, she needs to convince herself that they simply cannot function without her in the slightest which means that sadly, she must reluctantly become the helpless organic adjunct of a stove and washer-dryer. This allows her to blame them for a defect in her own character and force them to feel guilty for denying her things she refuses to grant herself lest she be revealed to be not as important as she thinks she is. My guess is that the April of 2014 is being upbraided for selfishly denying her pooooor mother the ability to have an AWESOME time when she was away from her and her endless needs. Since the Martian's needs are allegedly insatiable, Elly cannot learn new stuff, make new friends and toast her "freedom" because if Elly could, she'd have to no longer see a special snowflake in the mirror. For a narcissist and dry drunk like her, that's a major no-no.