April 21st, 2014

Snarky Candiru2

Stasis is Val's only option.

As I said yesterday, most of Val Stone's hardships in life seem to stem from her over-reliance on the methods she used to cope with the loss of her husband...or, to put it more properly, the methods her mother imposed on her because she couldn't and can't cope with his death in any meaningful fashion. After all, the house they all live in now is the house she grew up in. It seems obvious that she just sort of shut down after the man died and she and her children were in a bad way; before the State stepped in and took the kids from her, Evie rescued her eldest and, after a seven year period of teaching her how to deal with things like bills and such, has recently put the place in Val's name so that she can live her life on her own terms.

The problem is that this has taught Val that family is the ONLY thing that can be relied on in this world. Since she was too shattered emotionally to deal with large groupings of people, Val seems to belong to no church or service groups, goes nowhere expect to the same lake she went to as a child, has no friends to talk to (because they're not FAMILY and are thus not reliable), has no hobbies, no social life and goes only places that are familiar and not filled with strangers who are scary and want to hurt her. This tells me that Evie's plans to permanently retire to travel the world will have to be delayed until such time as she can get the Val from before her husband's death back. It shouldn't take more than, say, two or three years. After that, everyone wins.