April 23rd, 2014

Snarky Candiru2

Achieving victory over self-reliance.

As we know from history, the Liz that left the Pattermanse was as big a slob as the girl who left and could maybe cook Kraft Dinner while Mike tended to leave the housework for Deanna so he could fort up in his attic and churn out dreck. This is because of the other reason that Elly never took trips by herself again. Not only did she not want to face a future in which her husband and children didn't weep hysterically because they couldn't go on without her, she also didn't want to live in a world wherein they could really take care of themselves. A Liz who could cook and clean and look after herself was as horrible a failure as a Michael who could look after the house and give Deanna some help and time to herself for the very horrible reason that if Elly isn't really needed, she automatically has to just walk on down to the mortuary, hop in a coffin and make an ash of herself because without a reason to live, she must as a matter of course die like all other totally useless things. As much as she wants her freedom, she also wants to have others dependent on her so it can mean something. Trying to tell her that she can't have it both ways leads to her or her asswipe sidekick husband steamrolling people into compliance via a false dilemma.