April 25th, 2014

Snarky Candiru2

False dilemmas and fake, made-up sacrifices.

The other problem I have with the patented Pattersonian belief that children MUST sacrifice because they're selfish little bastards who have life too easy is a sibling to John's inability to realize that Mike, Liz and April live hellish lives of constant fear and apprehension because they never freaking know when Elly will explode with blind rage or when Daddy will either threaten or just plain use violence to avenge a slight that only exists in his pea brain. Said also-lie is the one he and Elly tell themselves about their children are riding rough-shod over helpless parents who totally don't have their children dominated. We see this in full effect in this Easter strip in which Elly does NOT react well to being told "You're bullying your helpless child to make yourself look good. KNOCK IT THE HELL OFF,  PATTERSON!!!!!!" The angry look on Elly's face comes directly from her being unjustly accused of using her greater size and greater ability to enforce her will to bludgeon a frightened child into doing something terrifying to make Mommy happy. Even though we all know that Lizzie is going to get a lecture about being a bad kid who can't be loved because she hates her poor mother later on, Elly does not and can not admit that she's a domineering jackass who guilt trips her kids into doing things they hate because Mommy's needs are more important than theirs. Hell, she doesn't even understand WHY Lizzie lied about the bag of milk because there's no way that she'd run her damned mouth about how Lizzie deliberately did a bad thing to make her poor mother's life worse because she would listen to her children. She's not some closed-minded jerk who will never admit to being wrong! She admits to making mistakes all the time.....that is, of course, when she makes them.

In short, the reason why we have to look at "You must sacrifice for once or we cannot love you" is that its sibling "You must let us raise our children as we see fit or we'll just be steamrolled" is waiting in the wings, ready to distract outsiders with its brazen bullshittery.