April 28th, 2014

Snarky Candiru2

If every day is Doomsday, no day is Doomsday....

As you know, I think that Lynn made something of a mistake not following the Strip of Destiny with the one for Labour Day 1980. If she'd done that, she could have got right to Farley without screwing up the past too much. If she'd done so, we'd have been spending the early part of this month watching a brilliant example of Elly's excellent parenting technique when she cleverly enlisted Phil in her campaign to make a big, panicky production of trumpet practice. As I've said before, Elly seems to have believed that if she didn't make Mike take things seriously NOW, he would surely die in a gutter later. As I've also said, she believed that the dying in a gutter thing would ALSO have taken place if she'd shown him sympathy or given him encouragement. The end result of her insane belief that she had to save him from ruin and destruction by being a closed-minded, angry jerk who didn't listen is that whatever aptitude Michael might have had for music withered and died because he couldn't possibly meet her expectations.

The problem is that Elly doesn't realize or, for that matter, want to realize that her need to make every God-damned little thing into a catastrophe blinds her to a real catastrophe: the fact that her self-absorption needs to make every little thing into a disaster because the truth is far less reassuring. Elly doesn't really want to live in a world that isn't falling apart or with children who aren't trying to destroy her because they hate her because that, my friends, would mean that she's just another homemaker and isn't really at all special. It's like how conspiracy nuts don't want to live in a world without secret cabals running everything because a world without Illuminati to outwit is way less cool.