May 15th, 2014

Snarky Candiru2

Brad versus fill in the blanks story telling

As we know, we're about to get a one-two punch about how Brad Luggsworth is mean, a rat fink and everyone hates him because for some reason, he has the habit of targeting someone who he believes to be a rich kid getting his own way all the time. The reason for all of this is that Lynn needs to have someone come along every so often and menace Mike so that he can absorb mixed messages about the fairness of it all and so that Lynn can send a clear message about how the lower ranks are clearly all criminals who want to hurt the rich people they should defer to but can't because their minds are filled with an envy that keeps them from knowing their place. Since she doesn't remember that Brad agreed to lay off Mike because he got bored with dealing with a craven coward, the poor fellow has to show up, stick his fist out into the air and watch Mike run into it because of the class warfare in the classroom.

It's like how Lizzie has to say a punchline that's way out of character because Lynn is thinking "Little kid joke = Little kid" without first asking "Does it make sense for someone of her age, gender and temperament to actually SAY this?" The seeming reason for all of this is that just perhaps, she's under the misapprehension that since a sixty year old and sixty-five year old act pretty much alike, the same must be true for a three year old and a six year old. We are thus left with a goof simpering that child psychology books must be wrong because she can count.