June 7th, 2014

Snarky Candiru2

"He's easy to feed organic dirt."

As you know, the strip in which a humiliated and angered Anne has to pull Richard away from the dirt he was eating is a sort of re-run of one in which she was lecturing Elly about how her being irresponsible was why Lizzie got sick. In both cases, the same pompous noodle with the same too high opinion of herself was undermined by her offsprings. Also in both cases, Elly got her jollies mocking Annie for being in a situation that would leave her a goggle-eyed, muppet-mouthed and shrieking nutloaf.

This is because Annie is nice to have around because her flailings-about with her out of control idiot children allow Elly to actually laugh at children's stupidity without facing a horrible dilemma that really isn't that horrible when you come to think of it. As I've said once or twice, Elly might say that she wants her children to think of her as a human being and regrets that they see her as a monolith of moral absolutism but she's not aware of the saboteur inside that makes her think that if they see her laugh, they will never take her seriously again.

This leads me to a hidden reason why she thought that Annie should have divorced Steve and made herself acceptable company again. As funny as she was as a deluded housewife, she was sure to be completely hilarious as a single parent.