July 1st, 2014

Snarky Candiru2

On what's useful in the Patterverse.

One of the strips in which we're supposed to cheer Elly on for rejecting evil technology designed to enslave busy mothers with no help and no time to themselves by evil, conflict-causing men who make things complicated so as to ruin things for poooooooor women who just want simplicity so they can be happy for once is the one in which she smugly poured cold water on one of Mike's enthusiasms by declaring that since she can do something with a flipbook, everyone everywhere should throw their computers away because she's right and they're wrong. This leads us to a fifth reason as to why Pattersons have to sat down and have it explained to them that they are so unfit to run their own lives, they have to shut their filthy mouths and run their decisions by people with the brains, decency and empathy their corrupted genes leave them wanting for: their nitwitted incapacity to judge what is and is not useful.

Of course, it's not just the devices that surround them that they do not know how to use competently or correctly. As I've said before, the reason why Mike and Liz have jobs for which they're almost criminally unfit to pursue is because Mommy wanted to be something she couldn't be and wants to live through her children. Mike impresses me as being potentially a fairly competent script reader at a television production company and Liz seems to have been designed to manage a produce section. The problem is that Elly never dreamed of adding notes to a sitcom or checking to see if the lettuce isn't wilted so those careers are clearly unfit dreams. Also, Elly never dreamed of sticking a thermometer up a cat's backside so April is a disappointment.