August 22nd, 2014

Snarky Candiru2

On the generational amplification of horrible advice.

Continuing merrily on from yesterday's assumption that Mike sees it as Robin's rightful destiny to inherit the Pattermanse, it should be obvious as all Hell that he intends to make it quite clear that any obviously invalid claim that Meredith might make to have another family usurp him and deny him his birthright must be squashed a-borning. This, I think, will be accomplished by the subtle masterstroke of ensuring that she, like Elly and Liz before her, is never really allowed to win her childhood. This means that we proceed from a world in which Elly became a frustrated mess owing to a combination of Jim's pants-soiling terror of a world where men like him were redundant and Marian's need to for blind, unthinking conventionality to a world of Liz becoming a passive, ignorant fool owing to a combined desired from both parents that she be that way to a new, horrible world in which Mike wishes to avenge himself on all the people who denied that he is the center of everything and his need to be catered to all the freaking time is noble and good and right and he isn't a selfish, thoughtless, spineless whimperer obsessed with not a Hell of a lot.

What this all means is that any relationship issues his children might have will be made far worse by his unfailingly taking the side of whatever male is involved. Should Meredith want very much to not deal with the same crude behaviour he inflicted on every girl luckless enough to date him, he's gonna be all about how mean she's being to a good guy and how she's selfishly and crazily letting the women's lib that made Elly crazy enough not to want to waste her life catering to a monstrous little turd get in the way of the truth that she's a reward for Anthony 2.0 having a penis. Eventually, he'll make an assholish comment about how the new and wrong values that call him a swinish, misogynistic jackass have driven her away for no reason he can admit to without implying that it's his own God-damned fault for not being able to share like a person is supposed to in the first place. Of course, by the time Robin is thirty, peak oil and the death of the family car will make suburban living untenable so inheriting the Pattermanse will be a difficult sell.