September 5th, 2014

Snarky Candiru2

The weird obsession with missing friends.

Remember a few years back when we talked about how bizarre it was that Michael seemed to be obsessed with Deanna after her premature and temporary move to Burlington? At the time, it seemed as if she were merely building on to the weird need he had to marry the first girl he'd ever had a weird grade school crush of weirdness on. The problem with that is staring us right in the face and is obsessed with the friend who left him to go to Thunder Bay instead of the friends he still has. As history teaches us, Mike spends most of the next two years obsessed with the fact that Lawrence is gone and needs to somehow come back to Milborough to make life right because he can't process the fact that people can actually leave him behind without it being a huge tragedy.

We gain a hint as to why in his self-indulgent comments about his last encounter with middle school crush Martha. A normal person would reflect on the mistakes both of them made and how life takes funny turns and so on and so forth. What the Delicate Genius did is remind us that he thinks that he's the central person in the world and that Martha should want to be with him because life just isn't worth living if he doesn't set the agenda for everyone ever. It baffled him that Lawrence had to leave not because he doesn't see the bigger picture but because he can't see a picture that doesn't have him in the foreground with everyone else in the distant background gazing in awe.
Snarky Candiru2

Further misadventures with absent friends.

It occurs to me that while Elly is busy shaking her stupid head about how Mike seems to be overly hung up on Lawrence's absence and needs to move on so that she doesn't have to feel empathy or anything, what she's busy not doing is not noticing that she's just as convinced that one day, Connie has to come home where she belongs so that things can go back to normal and the two of them can drink coffee and talk about how stupid Annie is for not kicking Steve to the curb. The interesting thing is that everyone seems to realize this but her. Not only does John realize that Elly can't relate to life without Connie around, Annie is only too aware that Elly has just been killing time waiting for Connie to come back so that Elly can be with the friend she actually wants to be with. Meanwhile, Elly has no idea in Hell what is making Annie feel so out of sorts because she doesn't realize that she's hung up on Connie's returning so that the Universe can unfold as it should. This means something very weird is going on: Michael is more honest about his emotions than Elly is because he has yet to have the self-awareness screamed out of him.