September 15th, 2014

Snarky Candiru2

Nemesis Interruptus: Lynn's addiction to pulling her punches.

The odd thing about Filthy Sadist Gym Teacher is that when I first encountered him way back when I was twenty, I thought that Lynn was yet again swiping from a television show in order to give Michael a sort of sitcom-style antagonist: the cruel, braying idiot gym teacher who'd singled him out specifically for being weak, soft, undisciplined and unmanly. The payoff television promised me was, despite a distinct lack of support from his idiot parents who expected him to meekly defer to authority no matter how painful, that Mike would, after months of pain, discomfort and confusion, somehow win the grudging respect of a male, muscular Mrs Hardacre who said some stupid crap about how he wouldn't have been so cruel if he didn't care.

Imagine my confusion when he joined Deanna in vanishing into the ether after the Halloween dance. It was almost as if Lynn had grown tired of having to draw and write for him and just wasted a perfectly good plot out of boredom. Actually, it was exactly that. As history teaches us, Lynn has a very low tolerance for characters she finds unpleasant to write for. First off, we have to deal with Janice Madigan who, as Lynn said, was supposed to be some sort of wild child making Elly's life worse by leading Mike astray and putting the evil idea that no, Elly doesn't know what she's talking about into his head. She didn't last long and got mutated into a girly-girl besides. Next, there's Fiona who was an anti-Elly because she wasn't so up her ass about every damned thing. Lynn couldn't wait to get rid of someone who even she saw was more charismatic and sympathetic than her avatar.

Finally, it's also why Annie and John faded from prominence. She had to go away because Lynn never wanted to look at the collapse of her first marriage lest she see that she isn't one hundred percent blameless and she also didn't want to see that maybe she might just have driven Rod into another's arms.