February 3rd, 2015

Snarky Candiru2

The post-treasury future.

If memory serves me correctly, the last strip we see in the last treasury ever is the one in which Mike proves himself not to be as mature as Elly thought he might be; what I also remember is that owing to her need to sort of rearrange things so that themes sort of go together, the last strip in chronological order is the one wherein Elly apologizes to Ted and his placeholder wife Irene for making a rather stupid remark about her being 'the other woman.'

The reason that I mention this is that it's very likely that after this Easter, it's sort of unlikely that we're going to be dealing with any sort of Lynnsights as we're starting to enter the sort of golden era in which Lynn had stopped copying others and stopped using the strip as a means of punishing Rod for making her live in Lynn Lake. Simply put, it seems to me that the impulse to explain herself will fade away soon enough. We might, of course, get really generic notes inspired by the need to explain that Aaron begged Lynn to make Lizzie the one struggling with having to wear eyeglasses but that would probably be about it.

This means that I think that my earlier guess that they'd join the Coffee Talk letter column calling itself a blog in being shoved down the memory hole was perhaps incorrect. After all, the Lynnsights do seem to have made it into the archive so it's likely that they'll survive next January's housecleaning.