May 5th, 2015

Snarky Candiru2

On what really, really, REALLY makes Anne someone to avoid.

One of the odder things about the very late part of the Middle Years is that at some point, the Anne who doesn't believe in divorce no matter how many people tell her that staying together for the kids is sort of a bad idea reverses her policy on working outside the home. This seems to energize Elly who thinks that her incoherent and mostly hypocritical advice about self-actualization and throwing off the chains of the patriarchy have finally sunk in and caused Anne to see the truth that she doesn't need to be an appendage of any man when Anne says the words that break Elly's heart forever: "We needed the money."

The final realization that Annie is driven by practical considerations instead of wanting to strike a blow for the team is, I should think, what really drove a wedge between them. Oh, it's true that the stupid idiot saw Anne take him back and assume that she was weak and stupid and wanted to be humiliated more because that's just how French people are but it's closer to the truth to admit that there weren't really a lot of jobs for someone with Annie's lack of labor force world skills so it made no sense to untangle herself from Steve if that meant her and the kids going hungry.

Hell, even her upcoming decision to rush into corrective surgery on an infant has something practical behind it somewhere. She can foresee a life of misery and isolation for her child because of something that must be her fault because she must somehow have lost control and wanted to correct the results of whatever oversight resulted in Leah having extra fingers. Once the crisis ends, she realizes that it's not her fault but still, it's kinda more expensive to buy custom-made things so a panicky decision is actually a fairly sensible one after all because it makes it easier for them to live within Steve's means.