May 10th, 2015

Snarky Candiru2

On a cereal bowl and how it explains Elly's failures.

To expand on yesterday's piece in which I speculated that Elly seems biologically incapable of realizing that she looks like she's in a near-constant state of frustrated, implacable rage because the same misfiring neurons that make her see herself as the Blob prevent her from ever understanding that her default expression is an angry scowl and her default body language is hostile and confrontational, I think that it's germane to the discussion to remind you that she also has no idea why people see her as always being spoiling for a fight and always ready to visit retribution on a family that can never please her.

I think the best example of this tendency is this strip in which she stands around screaming about how her evil children are taking her for granted because they hate her and think of her as nothing more than a slave only to be told that it was just John being his typical oblivious self again. I'm pretty certain that Elly remembers herself as looking and sounding like a reasonable person trying to gently encourage her kids to try to think things through; that's because I do a really stupid thing called remembering the past and thus remembering that just as she stands there wailing about how suddenly, she no longer is fine with what she sees in the mirror, she also says that suddenly, the easy rapport she had with the kids has turned into a sort of war. She can't remember making a snotty comment about how while she loves Mike, she doesn't like him nor can she remember wailing about who took her baby away when Lizzie was starting to show signs of becoming an autonomous individual and thus doesn't remember that her kids had always seen her as being an angry, unreasonable tyrant who turns every single damned thing into a punishment and opportunity to remind them that she's always angry with and disappointed in them.

What she also can't seem to remember is that children don't respond well to perceived hypocrisy. This is going to come into play when she tells Mike to either go outside and play or she'll remind him that making him do chores is her go-to method for punishing him for not complying with her demands that he not oppress her with his intimidating and scary presence. He joins me in seeing him as being kicked out of his house because his mother is too damned fragile to deal with him. Were it to get back to her that he perceives her as having done so, it's rather obvious that he'd be punished for telling a lie about her. She never kicks children out of the house because she can't deal with them because that's what her mother did to her.

Since thus she's something of a hypocritical nitwit on top of having the brain damage and the dodgy memory, she thus doesn't understand that when her children act out, they're only responding to a very negative stimulus: an always-angry, never happy blowhard who stands around ranting about how her children are trying to destroy her. She can see this tendency in other people and be angered by it but somehow, she just can't connect her own behaviour to why the kids think she's a closed-minded idiot who won't admit when she's being unfair.