May 15th, 2015

Snarky Candiru2

The May two-four: the other missing Canadian holiday.

The interesting thing about the immediate future is that yet again, we up here are going to have a holiday Monday called "Victoria Day" which is celebrated on the last Monday before the twenty-fifth of May. The reason it's called that is that it started out as the official birthday of Queen Victoria; the reason that it didn't change its name to the Sovereign's Official Birthday like all the other Commonwealth Realms that still are monarchies is that Confederation happened on her watch.

It should be noted that Victoria Day is akin to Memorial Day as both are unofficial starts to Summer. It should also be noted that what Americans call a case of beer is known as a two-four....thereby the colloquial expression "May Two-Four" which alludes to celebrating the first long weekend of warm weather by getting hammered on beer. Finally, it should be noted that Lynn never mentioned it in all the years of the strip because it's not an American holiday and we all know that Lynn has an exaggerated fear of what would happen if Americans ever figured out that we celebrate Thanksgiving in October.

The interesting thing about this is that I actually think that her refusal to mark the day is a good idea because of the whole royalty angle. The last thing anyone needs is some ill-informed person squealing about bowing down to a queen like a slave or something because of the warped-ass and stupid misconceptions that the Disney company and sensationalist media have left a lot of people with. I've met otherwise sane descendants of draft dodgers who've convinced themselves that the Monarchy has anything other than a symbolic role in this country and been shouted down when trying to compare it to its exact equivalence to pledging allegiance to the flag. Like I said, I blame Disney and I blame the tabloids who creep on Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall for not being the Yank's beloved Princess Diana.