June 6th, 2015

Snarky Candiru2

Towards A Grand Unified Theory Of Elly: Part Three

If I'm right about the great big calamity that messed Elly up being her getting hit in the face with a rogue soccer ball, it's kind of obvious that the resultant fear, anger and confusion would make cooperating with people trying to administer first aid a tough sell; this would be even more the case were the first responders be the dumb older kids who were playing the game in the first place. It's pretty obvious to me that in that case, Elly would probably have thought that they were trying to finish her off or something because she'd be in too much pain to think straight.

This, as I implied the other day, is why it is that she subconsciously believes that there's a vast conspiracy to keep her from expressing herself and meekly admitting that people she "knew" were trying to kill her (because why else would they be trying to hold her down and telling people EVIL LIES about how they had to keep her from either running away and bleeding out or punching them in the face out of mindless panic) were actually trying to help her. By refusing to admit that what Elly felt was happening was as important as what actually did happen, her parents set her up to think that not only was everyone trying to shut her up but also to assume that there are crowds of people out there who just want to swarm her and kill her because they're bad people.

This is not only why Elly doesn't thrive in a crowd setting, it's also paradoxically why she has the odd sort of tunnel vision in her mind's eye that's so baffling looking. More on that tomorrow.