July 4th, 2015

Snarky Candiru2

The jealousy perplex

One of the things we touch on very briefly in the coming weeks is that Richard isn't exactly overjoyed to no longer be the youngest. If he were anything more than a chaotic bit player that shows us the violence inherent in raising children Papist, he'd probably be a one-note character who isn't reacting the way his parents want him to to the new addition. In short, he'd be blond Mike. This is probably because most of the people in the strip assume that they don't actually have to reassure the old kid that they won't be forgotten because of the new one. As John's reaction to Lizzie's panicky dread that she'll just be shuffled aside like Mike seems to have been indicates, the adults have no idea in their heads that the way they act makes the children feel as if they're no longer loved.

The problem is that people like John and Elly insist that children are resilient because it's easier for them to have resilient kids than to have ones that have feelings that can get hurt. As his stupid comments about Liz having to go away if she can't hide the pain tell us, they won't live in a world where they have to do damage control when it's obvious that children don't realize that they're still loved because that would imply that Mommy and Daddy have a severe case of head-up-the-arse. They lavish all the attention on the new child, they tell the older ones to suck it up because they're just being dramatic because they're not doing anything wrong and they wring their hands because for some reason that cannot be their own stupidity, the kids don't like one another. Eventually, they harrumph that it took long enough for the kids to come around when their adult children compare notes and realize that Mommy and Daddy were stupid people doing the best with the tiny little brains they were born with. This is called having a happy family.