July 11th, 2015

Snarky Candiru2

On the hunger for more.

As you know, I've made a lot of irritating noise about how the Pattersons simply don't believe in a holiday that celebrates gratitude because they aren't especially grateful for what they've got. As this strip in which John indicates, it's not really in a Patterson's nature to be satisfied with what he or she has. John has a nice home, a wife who's wiling to put up with his bullshit, passive children, a great job and the respect of most people who don't know him all that well but it simply isn't enough. Instead of accepting his wonderful lot in life, our boy feels as if he's no longer the vital young go-getter he never really was and buys himself a roadster to compensate for a life he falsely believes to be deleterious to his non-existent virility. This is seen as good when a Patterson does it because Fate and Faith owe them a free living for their imaginary sacrifices.

This premise is furthered when it's preached that people who aren't Pattersons should dummy up and be grateful for what they've got lest their evil ambition and selfish cold-heartedness drive away their loved ones and leave them with nothing but regret and memories. Elly can name everything in her field of vision to herself because her life is hard and everything hurts her. Mira has to shut up and settle for what people feel like giving her because she stands in the way of Pattersons winning everything ever.