October 6th, 2015

Snarky Candiru2

Crossover chaos.

As we know, Lynn seems to be fairly good friends with her contemporary Jan Eliot; this extends to her occasionally having let Jan insert Elly into Stone Soup as a member of Valerie's book club along with Connie Duncan from Zits and Alice from Dilbert. I'd like to think that this trend would continue should someone revive the strip but would be satisfied with them merely kidding around about things.

As an example, we could eventually have Liz and Anthony meet parodies of Ted and Sally Forth. While Not!Ted and Not!Sally are aghast when the Great Dysfunction is mentioned, Liz and Anthony recoil in confused disgust when the Easter bunny trick, war on leaves and need to suck up to Not!Sally's Mom are on the table. The end result is to have someone make a rather obvious point about how no one really stands up especially well to close scrutiny. The difference between the Caines and the Not!Forths would be that at least Liz and Anthony own their jerkish pasts because there's not a crap load they can do to deny them.