November 29th, 2015

Snarky Candiru2

The trendy toy problem.

Before I rehash the Space Babe phenomenon, I'd like to remind you of Elly's habit of mentally editing what her children tell her to get. It's highly likely that Mike and Lizzie wanted her to go to Burgerland and buy a box of Frosted Zappos instead of eating another stodgy casserole that makes them too stuffed and dyspeptic to play or another box of dried twigs designed to flush out their colons as if regular bowel movements were the sovereign goods. Given that Elly was brought up to believe that mealtime consisted of shoveling grub down our grub-holes so as to fuel up for more cleaning, she doesn't see the point of food designed to make people happy. This is why her internal martyr edits brand names into what she thinks of them as being; thus does 'going to Burgerland' and 'buying Frosted Zappos' become 'eating junk food' and 'buying sugar cereal.'

What this tells us is that we're dealing with someone who, while lamenting forever the accidental destruction of her walking doll, cannot see that her children should fall in line with the other kids wanting to get THE trendy toy of the year. A person who thinks that the best toy runs on imagination and is also easily put away so that she doesn't have to have her life ruined by being reminded that she has kids underfoot is going to see herself as being some kind of heroic martyr for actually breaking down and giving in to the evil peer pressure of not being the only voice her children listen to. This is a woman who blamed nuclear Armageddon for Mike's wanting to do what the other kids wanted to do instead of being a good, loyal child who loved her and wear her burlap sack of a costume; she's going to go to her grave thinking that not disappointing a child makes her SuperElly.