January 10th, 2016

Snarky Candiru2

What did happen to Connie's first husband and why.

As we know, Lynn currently insists that Lawrence's dad is a doctor from Rio. Also, most of the reason why she squeals and moans about snarkertrolls who hate her and want her to cry while they taunt her cruelly is that we remember that she used to insist that Connie used to be married to Lawrence's dad, Pete Landry. In this version of the story, when they got divorced, Connie not only got sole custody, she somehow managed to get Lawrence's name changed to hers despite that not being the custom. In the new story, Lawrence was expected to be the glue that would bind her together with Da Silva only neither person cared to stay in the other's country because culture clash is the leading cause of death in a world created by an incurious dullard who can't even get it through her thick skull that black people have been living here for generations no matter how hard the same racist immigration department that took pride in keeping Jews from entering this country between 1939 and 1945 (while gladly accepting German settlers no questions asked in the late forties) to reassure the Merv Ridgways of this world that Canada would be White and Christian tried barring them.

The reason for this shift is even easier to explain than the systemic racism of the WASP elite. As aprilp_katje said, it's pretty much a certainty that by 1987, Lynn had simply forgotten that she'd given the man a name and a history and, given her fear and hatred of actually reading her collections because of a nit-witted fear of admitting goofing up, decided that she needed to give this person who had no history she could remember a back-story. This leads, of course, to her getting horrible letters from people who could only have wanted to hurt her because they hate her pointing out that she'd already done that. Good fans just mindlessly accept crap because she doesn't really want to try, she just wants praise for churning out random nonsense. They also do something that irritated the Hell out of trumanf and ate up another of Beth's Liographies hook, line and sinker. It's irritating to have to look at example after example of "Passive victim of cruel parenting turns his or her life around after the Holy Patterson Family changes everything forever."