January 17th, 2016

Snarky Candiru2

Georgia's wedding gets trashed: more of why she's not better understood.

As we all know, we know next to nothing about Georgia's family. We have a vague idea that they're from Montreal, we know that she's got an uncle Bert, we know that she's got an unnamed friend who finds Lizzie to be something of a trial but other than that, she seems to have fallen out of the sky for the sole purpose of being a stand-in for a sister-in-law Lynn seems to not know very well. It occurs to me that the wedding explains why it is that her family doesn't make much of an effort to get to know the Patterson family.

This is because they have to deal with the bizarre fact that for some stupid reason, Phil's idiot brother in law seemed to be more worried about taking a load of garbage to a dump than the wedding. Not only that, the stupid fool dropped his watch in a dumpster and waded in trash to fish it out because that seemed to be more important than a silly little thing like being on time for something important to anyone else. I can see them being appalled that this fool is so impractical and so closed-off in his thinking that he couldn't wait until after the reception to take stuff to the dump. This is not a person to get to know. This is a person to whom the only correct response to is "smile politely, move away slowly and don't make eye contact." Simply put, we never get to know these people because idiot John witlessly scared them away being 'practical'.