January 22nd, 2016

Snarky Candiru2

The Baird Identity.

Now, to get back to the eighties for a second, we're going to be dealing with the fact that now that Mrs Baird is too old to potter around that big, empty house any longer, she's going to rent a room at Canadian Content Shady Pines and die in about a year and a half's time. While I've discussed the bizarre belief that Edgar is the only suitable replacement for Farley because he connects them to the Early Years, it's pretty much a certainty that to April, Mrs Baird is simply some person who passed on four years before she was born. What this means is that Mike and Liz are probably going to be the only two people left on the planet who remember Thelma Baird in a decade or so. Most of the family she left behind in Yorkshire also only remember her as an old photograph on a mantelpiece so if anyone is going to keep the memory of the old doll alive, it's going to be the Delicate Genius and Lizardbreath.

The reason that I mention this is that I have a brain that remembers the only slightly mawkish commentary about how there never seemed to be time to do things with and for her when she was alive to appreciate it and the slightly more mawkish commentary about how since a bird had chicks, one life begins when another stops. My brain also remembers that as time wore on, Lynn got more and more sentimental and silly. This tells me that after they finally calm Mike and Liz down and explain to them that their children aren't Nazi space monsters because they can't love a distant memory they've never experienced, we'd be dealing with syrupy gibberish about how and who will remember the two of them when they've been dead for forty years.