February 8th, 2016

Snarky Candiru2

Liz, Becky, April and their shared abusive ideation

As I remember the appalling way that male characters seem to treat female denizens of the Foobiverse, I find to my distaste that they seem to do so with the express permission of said women. The exemplar of this is Candace's mother and her inability to admit the possibility that her asshole boyfriend actually does want to nail her daughter. A cursory reading of her Liography seems to indicate that her mom is cravenly eager to be exploited by a massive turd because he says nice things and makes her feel nice. Anyone with any real-world knowledge can tell you that this is how and why abusive relationships endure. The abuser makes lying noise about reform and since the abusee's self-esteem is in the toilet and since she's been reduced to a state of noisy desperation, she's eager to believe him.

The reason that I mention this is that most of the female characters vary in degree from Candace's mom. First off, we have to consider the fact that just as Liz thought that there was something wrong about her that made her not good enough for that asswipe Eric, Becky thought that a defect in herself is why Jeffo regarded her as nothing more than a notch on his belt. This sort of lack of any sort of self-worth is a means by which hateful manipulators can cause a person to act against her own best interests. This is why it's good that April eventually escapes the Continental. Right now, she's probably glad to be free of him and the mental peculiarity that made her think that just because he called her pretty, it didn't mean that he thought that the special needs kids weren't subhuman vermin who didn't understand his blank-witted ableism.