March 3rd, 2016

Snarky Candiru2

What Molly doesn't have to say.

To continue merrily on with my look at why certain characters are said not to speak to Lynn, let's look at Molly Thomas. As we all know, the Molly of 1987 would have had the following things to say: "THAT WOMAN Dad married pressured him into moving to that dumpy little suburb and drag me away from my friends just to drink coffee with that smug cretin who called my boyfriend a jerk because someone who wasn't into her a million years ago when she was a kid told her to buzz off", "the second I react to the mess my life is with anything other than a plastic smile, I'm called 'dark', 'defiant' and a wild animal", "I have to live next door to their horrible punk son who spies on me" and "there seems to be some sort of illness around here that blinds people to how terrible and destructive a person that crazy woman Dad's new wife loves is." Since none of those things are what Lynn wants to hear, Molly is said not to have spoken to her.

It's not as if she can say anything in the 2010s either. After all, when we read between the lines of all of the codswallop of how Molly came back into the light after she put some distance between herself and a certain ruinous influence on her family, we can readily guess that the Molly of today would tell Lynn "Connie's a great person BY HERSELF but insists on keeping company with an awful person who brings out the worst in her and has complicated her life. If Elly Patterson were to finally die, Connie and all of us would be better off." Since it's sort of obvious that Molly is one of the few people on the planet who sees how damaging being friends with Elly has been for Connie and is thus mute.