March 25th, 2016

Snarky Candiru2

Deanna, the wedding machine and what people really think of her.

As we know, Lynn has this odd complex about weddings that mostly relates to her hating something she knows that her mother found important. To her, weddings seem to be filled with pointless rituals designed to drive her crazy and magically focus everyone's attention away from the person actually getting married which is wrong and bad and selfish and cruel because it's her party so she should say what goes. The end result in the real world is that snarkertrolls come along, shake their heads and wonder what kind of nutjob not only hated the idea of her mother getting her time in the Sun but also thought that her participation in weddings was strictly optional.

The first and purest manifestation of this anti-maternal stance would also cause someone to be the subject of a whispering campaign amongst those not corrupted by the need to genuflect to the Sainted Pattersons. While very few people know about the wedding for heart and most people think that the wedding for show was the only one, what they are allowed to know tends to gall them. First off, we have to contend with the fact that it looked as if Deanna had no problem playing house beforehand simply to torment her mother. People are still going to be talking about that fifteen years after the fact. They're also going to be talking about how she cowered behind her mother-in-law and her family in an effort to shut her mother up. That, you see, is bad form and people aren't going to think too highly of a petulant idiot who seems to have seen the whole deal as a big party where she and this Patterson guy got presents while her mother was supposed to smile and smile and say that yes, she shouldn't have wanted attention and should have been content to let everyone take a creamy dump all over her hopes and dreams for the good and happiness of other people. While Mira's people have no real opinion about this dimwit writer Deanna married, they do look at her and see an ungrateful twit who's got her back up because she was told what to do and when to do it.