April 21st, 2016

Snarky Candiru2

John and the Princess: how he messed up with April.

As the Housening revealed, John doesn't actually know much about April despite being her dad. All of his talky-talk about raising a spoiled little princess making a big scene about a situation that she understood more that he ever gave her credit for reveals a lazy man who really didn't feel like understanding what the Hell any of the people around him wanted because that ain't his job and also, what they might want is for him to earn Kingpin's great big cookie.

While it's difficult to pin-point exactly when he adopted the same lack of curiosity about her life that Elly has always had, I should think what touched it off is the fact that April was never what he tellingly called a real little girl and what you and I call a horror freak who makes him feel like a man by almost kind of coming on to him. Since she had a mind of her own and didn't see that flattering Daddy could get her stuff, she became less appealing over time. What this says about John is that he's not only a lazy jerk, he's also a smarmy creep who needs pounding in the head.