May 18th, 2016

Snarky Candiru2

Extrapolating Deanna: Dealing with the Martian.

The "Plan A" that I mentioned last time is rather depressingly well-named owing to the fact that Deanna seems to view April as having been thoughtfully provided for her by her hero Elly to do chores and sit for her children. We have letters that hint that Deanna seems to think that April should be grateful to wander around doing yard work and bratting so that she can rest and we have a Christmas strip that has her bleat that she had no choice but to put April at the kiddie table because the alternative is exposing the tinies to a person who, you know, actually showed signs of wanting to spent her free time in their company to prove this theory of mine.

What this tells us is that at some point, Deanna had gotten into the habit of seeing people around her in terms of how they can be used to keep her from unpleasant drains on her time like dealing with horrible children who don't want to admit that they'll have plenty to time to run around pointlessly and make useless, meaningless noise and ask pointless questions and talk about their pointless lives later on. This is akin to that it was decided that April can have that inconvenient social life of hers when Deanna is rested up and stuff. In both cases, a self-absorbed nitwit who views everything through the distorting prism of what's convenient for her and her alone graciously decides how everyone else spends their time. Hell, she's even got Connie Poirier lined up to be the next Thelma Baird.
Snarky Candiru2

Frigidity 101: a field study in germ-line data transfer.

As you just saw, josephusrex assumes that even if Deanna actually looked forward to getting it on with Mike, she'd more than likely be slightly less fun than an abcessed tooth. This is more than likely the case and if so, her being a doubleplusgoodthinkful exponent of the sexual mores of Orwell's Inner Party makes her a sister under the skin (as well as between the sheets) to St Elly "DON'T TOUCH ME!!!" Patterson Of The Obsessively Swept Back Porch and Lizardbreath, Guardian Spirit Of Having Sex In A Drunken Stupor Because There's No Way She's Doing It Sober With Anthony.

The reason for this wishing that doing the dirty hula were simply for outnumbering purposes and that any sort of pleasure that might be derived be abolished for the good of mankind stems, of course, from a mental hiccup of the horrible infant who created the Pattersaints. Despite being the better part of seventy years old, StaLynn impresses me as still being a rather slow-witted first grader who reacted to the facts of life with a look of disgusted horror. Elly's frigidity and hatred of the filthy reality is Lynn's disgust with the process. What is lost on her is, of course, that all that energy has to go somewhere. In Oceania, it's directed at the crimethinkful; in Milborough, it's directed at a back porch.